We consider it important to change attitude in nutrition and to bring vegetable basic ingredients into prominence. Large-scale livestock farming, which often fails to comply even with the most elementary criteria of handling that animals entitled to, livestock raising by treatment with hormones and antibiotics for the sake of quick growth, as well as feeding with various non-natural forage — these are the facts that led us to implement our decision.


It is not meat eaters that we object to in this way, since animals kept under natural circumstances in own farms, feeding corns and lots of grass, have been providing food for people for thousands of years. But under existing market conditions, meat of ’inflated’, ’hormone-treated’ animals are increasingly offered as food in order to make high profit quickly.


This is what our body as well as our mind protest against! We just wish to offer an alternative to those who have reached the course of recognition and will to change.After the above-mentioned discovery we ourselves were the ’guinea-pigs’ for years. Having summarized our results we arrived at the decision to make widely known what we had learnt before in the form of foodstuff.


The test series started many years ago. It was a trying, yet beautiful period. It proved to be very difficult to prepare foods that did not contain artificial flavour enhancer, colouring agent and preservative, yet they stood the proof on anyone’s table as for taste, quality and nutritional value. We accepted even the least result with grateful heart.