What are the patties made of

and how are they prepared?

Wheat patty: vegetables, wheat gluten, herbs

Mushroom patty: mushroom, vegetables, wheat gluten, herbs

Oatmeal patty: oatmeal, vegetables, herbs


After pre-steaming the patties we cook them on a contact grill until they're golden brown.

What are the hamburger buns made of

and how are they prepared?

Ingredients: Mixture of all-purpose flour and wholemeal flour, yeast

Our hamburger buns are leavened and baked at the restaurant, to ensure fresh pruducts every day.

What are the sauces made of

and how are they prepared?

Our sauces are freshly blended every day using our self-developed sunflower and almond mixes.


Almond sauce: almond mix, water, cold-pressed sunflower oil


Istvánffi sauce: sunflower mix, water, cold-pressed sunflower oil, mustard, lemon juice


Heinz BBQ sauce: tomato puree 37%, water, sugar, orange juice, vinegar, onion, paprika, modified starch, lemon juice, salt, cucumber, spices (contains mustard), extracts from herbs and spices (contains celery), smoke flavour


Heinz Ketchup: tomato, vinegar, sugar, salt, extracts from herbs and spices(contains celery), spice


E-number-free Univer Mustard: water, vinegar, mustard seed, sugar, salt, spices

What is our Sour Cherry Dream made of

and how is it prepared?

The yeast free, potato based raw dough is filled with fruit, shaped then boiled and rolled in cinnamon- and fructose-flavoured bread crumbs.

What are the French fries made of

and how are they prepared?

Ingredients: potato, sunflower seed oil

The frozen potatoes are fried in a blend of sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil and hazelnut oil for 4-8 minutes until they become golden brown.